Wire treatment devices

The perfect surface for your wire with our devices and the patented e-systems surface treatment.



e-systems: Our patented processes for you wire devices

Our competence is based on decades of experience in developing galvanic processes for pre-treatment and refinement of metallic semi-finished products.

Our specialist staff in the laboratory is working permanently on the improvement of existing processes as well as the development of new processes for optimal solutions, which are realized in our engineering department. Finally in our workshops STAKU builds complete production devices.

Electrolytic bead wire production

The e-bead process enables separation of bronze steel surfaces without the usage of highly toxic cyanides


Electrolytic copperplating

Material saving process for a dense, uniform and nonporous copper layer 


Electrolytic phosphating

Patented surface coating with an especially 
developed zin-calcium-phosphate solution 


Electrolytic cleaning

Clean metal surfaces as pre-treatment for finishing and further processin gof wire, strip and profiles/tubes 


Electrolytic polishing

Polished stainless steel surfaces for maximum hygienic standards in medical technology and high-tech research 


Electrolytic galvanizing

Substantial process automation for products
with a high demand for corrosion protection 


Electrolytic phosphating

  With simultaneous deposition
of a lubricant
: The further development
of our patented e-phos process 


More wire treatment devices

Dip treatment lines

Hot dipping refinement

The perfect wire

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Developmental competence

  • in-house laboratory
  • pollution control
  • patented finishing
  • pilot plant
  • specialist according to WHG
  • TÜV controlled

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