Filtration systems

Process water treatment 

Process water treatment

STAKU - Waste water treatment

  • Neutralization- / precipitation of industrial waste water
  • Cr - reduction
  • SO4 - precipitation

All immersioned parts are made from polypropylene, also the reactors and buffle plate thickener. The
dosaging is controlled fully automatic by pH-electrodes.

The picture shows a complete waste water treatment plant for a wire drawing mill and screw factory.

Filtration equipment

STAKU-Disk belt filtration system - type SBF 550, SBF 700, SBF 1000 

Filtration system in acid and alkaline resistant solid plastic polypropylene construction.
For continuous filtration of:
alkaline degreasing baths, acid and alkaline processing bath, such as bonder, copperacid pickling baths
(pickling sludge removal) as final filtration in waste water treatment plants


Filtration capacity:
Type SBF 550 - 3.000 ltr./h
Type SBF 700 - 5.000 ltr./h
Type SBF 1000 - 12.000 ltr./h  

Continuous de-sludge system for phosphate bath

Oil-phase separator, type PhT

Preparation loop for degreasing materials with automatic strip filter and phase separator

The perfect surface for Strip, Wire & Profiles/Tube.

STAKU products

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