Going new ways – with e-systems into the future

Going new ways – with e-systems into the future

STAKU is working intensively to develop complete treatment lines and new galvanic coating systems in the field of alloy deposition.

Our e-systems electrolytic pretreatment and finishing processes can completely replace conventional and traditional methods in many areas - and at the same time are more effective, less costly and more environmentally friendly. They are the future!


The smart coating

A new lubrication layer for the wire drawing as well as the warm and cold forming of alloy made of stainless steel and titanium material by applying an electrolytic process.

Definition of the project:

The central issue at warm and cold forming of chemically highly resistant material is the creation of perfect tribological conditions between the friction partners. A chemical coating in the way of the usual conversion coating is almost impossible due to the inherent surfaces of the material.


  • Resistance of forming pressure > >300 kN
  • Low friction coefficient µ even at elevated temperatures above 500°C
  • High adhesion between lubricant and material surface
  • High environmental compatibility (Green Coating), resource-conservative
  • Avoiding waste materials and low energy consumption
  • Short exposure time at phase to phase inline processes

At the e-molyphoss process a highly performing solid lubricant is deposited within a matrix of components which also contribute to the lubrication.

The microscope picture of the e-molyphos layer shows clearly the brightly embedded particles of lubricant which deploy its antifriction output under pressure.

Preliminary tests already showed that the lubricant delivers good results to orientation. Subsequent to this experimental run tests in warm forming will be made.

A material sample will be fixed, headed and afterwards slided over a defined glide path at this tests. At these tests the corresponding operating figures will be determined.



Ongoing research project of STAKU in cooperation with pTU Darmstadt 2016/2017, Prof. Dr. P. Groche

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