Electrolytic cleaning

Clean metal surfaces as pre-treatment for finishing and further processing of wire, strip and profiles / tubes

Electrolytic cleaning

The e-clean process developed by STAKU not only needs a fractional amount of the usual treatment time but also achieves by far better cleaning results.

  • degreasing of drawing agents / stearates
  • pickling of wire rod scales


  • only a fraction of the usual treatment period necessary
  • far better cleaning results
  • lower production costs

During the electrolytic cleaning continuous current flows to any spot of the metal surface and generates small hydrogen an dioxygen blisters according to polarization. The pollutant particles are blast away from the surface by the emerging gas pressure and cause thereby a precision cleaning of the surface. Consequently electrolysis is especially suitable in cases you need very clean surfaces.

The perfect surface for Strip, Wire & Profiles/Tube.

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