Electrolytic copperplating

Material saving process for a dense, uniform nonporous copper layer 

Electrolytic copperplating

In the e-copp process, the copper ions dissolved in
an acid bath are deposited onto the surface of the
wire by means of an external electrical source. In
contrast to autocatalytic copper plating, however,
only electrons (from the electrical source) are
attracted. An exchange of material, copper for
iron, which dissolves iron from the wire does not
take place.

In order to maintain a constant concentration of
copper ions, only copper has to be supplied as a
raw material; the bath does not have to be
replaced and disposed of.


  • very short treatment periods
  • wire metering rate up to 30 m/sec
  • no bath pollution due to rising ferrous concentration
  • less copper consumption
  • 50% lower production costs in comparison to the electroless process

The perfect surface for Strip, Wire & Profiles/Tube.

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