Electrolytic galvanizing

Substantial process automation for products with a high demand for corrosion protection 

Electrolytic galvanizing

The STAKU e-galv process offers essential
advantages compared to the conventional
galvanizing systems when considering
consumption of chemicals and energy due to the
comprehensive process automation.

Because of the high metering rate the activation
 and coating unit can be placed directly after the
drawing machine. It is possible to produce matt or
bright zinc coatings. Decisive for the constantly
high coating quality are the highly effective pre-
treatment steps with the STAKU e-clean process
to clean the surface from drawing agent residues.


  • very short treatment periods
  • very low zinc consumption
  • very homogeneous and dense zinc layer
  • low operation and energy costs

The perfect surface for Strip, Wire & Profiles/Tube.

STAKU products

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