Electrolytic polishing

Polished stainless steel surfaces for maximum hygienic standards in medical technology and high-tech research 

Electrolytic polishing

To fulfill the high demands of hygiene standards
electrolytic polishing stainless steel surface is
especially required in the field of medical
technology. Because of the specifically placed
electrodes and using a mixture of different acids a
high abrasion of material can be accomplished.
The e-polish process averts that the stainless steel
surface becomes passivated and the deployed
energy mainly converts into gassing.
Preferably these devices are constructed as multi-
wire lines with single-wire control.
The e-polish device also include measurement
instrumentation to diagnose and treat possibly
present Cr6.


  • extremely short treatment periods
  • extremely clean/polished surfaces



The perfect surface for Strip, Wire & Profiles/Tube.

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