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Welding wire producer

Wire copperplating with e-copp

Complete device for welding wire production

The complete device is manufactured from polypropylene PP and is delivered completelywired with integrated electric control system and ready for operation. The treatment steps of the wire after the drawing process are:

  • pretreatment with high pressure cleaning device
  • electrolytic pickling and activating with sulphuric acid at max. 50 °C
  • electrolytic copperplating at 30-40 °C
  • spray rinsing and
  • wire drying by nozzles

Besides the conventional process of electroless chemical coppering the e-copp process, developed by STAKU, has proven to be the more efficient, economic and environment-friendly coppering process due to very short treatment periods, less copper consumption and no bath pollution because of rising ferrous concentration. Moreover the crystalline coating quality is more dense, homogeneous and nonporous, and that in turn avoids corrosion problems caused by transport and storage.

With e-copp can be produced different welding wire qualities such as CO2, Sub Arc, Flux Cored and Stainless Steel.  

Advantages of the STAKU e-copp process

  • very short treatment periods
  • wire metering rate up to 30 m/sec
  • no bath pollution due to rising ferrous concentration
  • less copper consumption
  • dense/uniform, nonporous copper layer
  • lower operating and power costs

Electrolytic copperplating

Material saving process for a dense, uniform and nonporous copper layer 


Copperplating device front view

Copperplating device rear view

Additional equipment for STAKU-continuous copperplating device

If the wire rod is descaled by using mechanical systems, known from experience, the wire surface after the drawing process is polluted with residues of stearate. In this case, a hot water high pressure cleaning before entering the copper-plating device is advisable.

For welding wire with extra clean surfaces

If you need welding wire with a very clean and bare surface, we can provide the e-clean-continuous wire cleaning device.

The device consists of following treatment sections:

  • electrolytic continuous degreasing according to the mid-point conductor process
  • 3-fold cascade rinse
  • double ring-nozzle for wire stripping for compressed air connection

Continuous cleaning devices for wire with ultrasound

With chrome/nickel alloys and for non-ferrous metals in particular, cleaning that is gentle to the product is crucial and desirable. For this purpose, especially, it is advisable to carry out surface cleaning using ultrasound, since this process does not attack the basic material.

This procedure allows you in particular to remove stearates and rolling and drawing oils from the surface with processing times of about 1 second.

Before carrying out heat treatment, in particular, it is possible to achieve extremely high levels of cleanliness at a relatively low speed and in a tight space using ultrasonic degreasing systems.

The perfect surface for Strip, Wire & Profiles/Tube.

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